Video: If someday will need an ambulance, it would you like your driver


A driver ambulance service city Budapest brings us speed ride on a path 8 kilometers completed in just six minutes.


Ambulancia-Budapest-Tibor-Csordas T ibor Csordás serves as ambulance driver in the city of Budapest in Hungary. Is so good at what he does, which is the only authorized to be able to record images video while driving at full speed through a camera located on your board. Is that the images Tibor are used to produce the training other drivers more inexperienced.

A Hungarian ambulance driver takes us aboard his unit during an emergency.

In the video attached to this note, Csordás covered a distance of over 8 kilometers in just six minutes and in the middle of a traffic that often was too dense to achieve this.

While they may traverse in Budapest, who serve in their function red lights and even driving in the opposite many times the task becomes very difficult for traffic jams and distracted drivers.

But Tibor Csordás is good at what he does, very good unbelievably good . However it is noteworthy that Budapest looks like a city where drivers seem quite attentive what happens around them, as can be seen in the video as sirens react immediately releasing the rail very quickly to make way for the ambulance.

But it is best that you see in the video, which at times is electrifying , especially towards the end.