Video: I’m warning you, you’re going to want a CycleKart


About steel frame with body of fiberglass, aluminum or wood , the CycleKarts use an mower engine lawn of 0.2 liters, which is sufficient to ensure fun.


CycleKart S f you like mechanics and cars and spare you some money, perhaps CycleKarts might fill all the weekends of your calendar in the coming years. We met a few days ago through Petrolicious , but apparently it is an activity that takes a few years.

With a simple idea and a limited budget, ensure CycleKart fun.

This is a small car built on a steel chassis, suspension with elastic and Honda engine GV200 4-stroke air-cooled 200 cc produces about six horsepower, which sends its power to the rear wheels, all with a weight not exceeding 110 kilograms.

A condition of this activity involves Yea, its owner has to fully construct, except for the engine which is inherited from a lawnmower . The body may be finished in aluminum to fiberglass or wood, but must be built by hand, with a total cost to the car should not exceed $ 1,500 .

Further details can be found on the official website of this activity and many interesting pictures are shown in note Petrolicious. So that you know we leave an entertaining video after the jump.