Video: just the sound of a classic Porsche in the Sound Night, the night that raised the beasts

can You imagine getting to the Prado Museum and ” La maja desnuda or The meninas begin to speak to you? How to spend a night in the Louvre and the mona lisa begins to make funny faces? This unreal situation, that perhaps one day virtual reality becomes something normal, it is probably an example crazy, but very illustrative to explain what every year happens in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. Last October 24, the Porsche Museum celebrated its fifth Porsche Sound Nacht, or Sound Night, a pass night private very exclusive and special, in which visitors can listen to the sound of machines placed there. It sounds so good! And never better said…

The Sound Night is an event that celebrates Porsche each year at its museum in Stuttgart, with the aim of showing the sound of some of their classics, the most emblematic.

For obvious issues, a museum automobile is not an appropriate place to listen to the sound of the cars exposed there. That is the reason why Porsche was considered interesting to hold an annual event in which yes you could hear the sound of some of their classics, and thus demonstrate that, among other things, are preserved as a few kids.

In the edition of this year they were able to hear, among others, a Type 64 of 1939, an extraordinary fastback coupe that we could well define as the first Porsche in history. Also was able to hear the sound of the Porsche Type 356 No. 1 1948, a sporty, with a tubular chassis and a central motor that anticipated what would eventually become the Porsche 356. was Also very present the Porsche 911, of different generations and styles, from a participant in the Monte Carlo in 1965 and a RSR, 1973, until the 911 4×4 with decoration Rothmans Paris-Dakar 1984.

The list of engines that were resurrected for one night is quite long, and includes a Porsche 959 (1987), the Porsche 928 Trigema (1983), the Porsche 935 “Baby” (1977), and the Porsche 906 Carrera 6 (1966).

This night is not only an excellent opportunity to listen again to the sound of machines historical, who have overcome in the more complicated scenarios, from Dakar to Le Mans and the Targa Florio of sicily. This night is also a great opportunity to listen to the anecdotes of some of the riders that made history in the competition at the controls of these machines, along with many engineers who worked to bring the brand of Stuttgart to the top of the technological domain.

Although the sound of these engines you can hear it in the video that we present above, you can also enjoy the sound of every Porsche in this link.

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