Video: Megane RS 250 Cup and that is probably the worst driver of the Nürburgring

If you are a lover of Nürburgring, of the circuit runs, or simply the speed, you have to follow the blog Bridge to Gantry. Precisely there we were with this indescribable video, in which the author of the entry that link wondered if the driver of this Renault Mégane RS 250 Cup is the worst driver of courses open to the public, touristenfahrten, of the Nürburgring. A video that gives us some lessons, very obvious on the other hand, that we must not do in circuit.

In the video, that maybe gone soon to avoid Nürburgring exercise his / her right of admission and do not allow access to this customer for life, appreciate all kinds of absurdities. We speak not only of a driver little skilled behind the wheel of his car. To access these days of “open doors” it is not necessary to be Lewis Hamilton, or Fernando Alonso. To drive on a circuit, even at the Nürburgring, it is not necessary to be a great pilot, but just to be aware of our limitations.

And, above all, be very respectful with the rules of safety. Not respecting these rules can cost us a disgrace, to us and to other users of the track. Not respecting a yellow flag means to play with the lives of other drivers, and above all with the life of the commissioners, who are the ones who are most vulnerable.

Let’s ignore for a moment the obsession of the driver of this Mégane by crossing your car, something that for a start you shouldn’t be doing in a few days of the public at the Nürburgring. The responsible of this video ensures that it is a collection of “best moments” (so to speak) of 29 laps at the Nürburgring.

it would Suffice just one of the moments that are immortalized driving with a yellow flag to ban their entry to the Nürburgring for a few years. In the minute 1:18 already visible as it is on the verge of losing control with a support vehicle to the circuit on track to meet a BMW Z3 that has suffered a track output. Speeding with a yellow flag and crashed vehicles on the track are a constant. And so the whole video. A succession of overtaking improper, do not respect the safety distance, and times when it is very close to losing control, crashing into other cars, or even pounce against the marshals waving yellow flags, a situation that should never occur with a yellow flag on track.

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