[Video] Mercedes shows us the trials of pit-stop with the new tires


The new season brings new developments to all the teams, mainly because of the new regulation enters into force. But in the case of Mercedes, Valtteri Bottas is certainly the great attraction and the Finnish driver is making the most of the time to try to acclimatize as soon as possible to his new team and teammates.

In this last video, Mercedes shows us to Valtteri Bottas next to his mechanics, who take advantage of the day to practice pit-stops, which this year will be more complicated as a result of the new tyres, which have grown by 25%. It is expected that the time of change of tires will increase slightly, since the tires, in addition to being more bulky, weigh a 1kg. more on the front axle and about 1.5 in the rear. Because of this, the mechanical practice incessantly to try to neutralize that handicap.

Valtteri Bottas, on the other hand, has said that his goal is to be as fast as Lewis Hamilton from the start of the season and that he considers himself a rival very strong, and nothing desirable. “I wouldn’t want to have me as a teammate. The season will begin soon and we will see then to see where we are. The goal is to fight immediately with Hamilton. We will have many kilometers of testing this winter, everything goes according to plan and we have a quick car and reliable. My goal is the World Championship and now I have a great chance”.

To do this, it has to take advantage of the change of rules and start on an equal footing with respect to their companion as they both shall inure to the news. “Something positive for me is that this year there is a big change of rules, and for all the drivers the car is new. There is work in the style of driving, which should be new with the new tires. I’ve never had problems to adapt to a team and to work with different people, always has done me well. I have to be honest with myself, I have to admit my failures and learn from them”.