Video of the BMW i8 Spyder during a test session of their development

is Not very common to be able to get this type of contents of vehicles that are in development, that’s why, when we can enjoy these videos spy we must enjoy it to the max. During these last few weeks, our photographers have managed to hunt down on two occasions to the new BMW i8 Spyder during a testing session. We talk about the variant convertible of the well-known hybrid sports German that will hit the market sometime in the year 2018.

well, now we can show you a video of a prototype of the BMW i8 Spyder during one of his daily sessions of testing in the north of Sweden, facing the cold, snow and ice. The BMW engineers are still working on that area of the continent of europe to put to the limit the mechanics and electronics of this new model as well as the “facelift” (face washing) that will suffer the own BMW i8.

The camouflage that still carry the unit tests that we can see in movement continues to be the usual that we have known up to date. Vinyl sticker in all caps. The most logical (and thus point our information is current) is that aesthetically, both in front and in behind, the new BMW i8 Spyder will echo all the modifications visual that will present the new BMW i8, the model of which, as we say, very soon we will get to know your face wash.

BMW i8 Spyder - foto espía

Photo spy of BMW i8 Spyder. Photo: CarPix.

A detail that has not yet been clarified is whether the new BMW i8 Spyder will have a few doors opening to the vertical type as have the model of body-coupe, or due to your system convertible, the German brand will make use of a system of opening conventional. The main differences that you will have the convertible model with respect to the coupé will be in its roof line and in behind. For the rest (and waiting to know the type of opening its doors), we will be in the same model.

Mechanically, the new BMW i8 Spyder will be powered by the same hybrid system plug-in. Upcoming changes in the powertrain that promise to improve the autonomy mode 100% electric thanks to an improvement in the capacity of your package of lithium-ion batteries. It is expected that his system would show a combined performance of 362 HP and 570 Nm of maximum torque while its electric range will exceed 40 kilometers.

As well we said at the beginning of the article, the launch of the i8 Spyder is scheduled for sometime next year. The variant convertible should already be on the market but some years ago BMW decided to delay his arrival to the dealers and to focus on other duties. Finally, its landing is imminent and unstoppable, as is well shown in the spy video that heads this article.