Video of the Nissan GT-R remote control with a controller of PlayStation

Nissan has modified a GT-R to be controlled by remote control with a remote of PlayStation. Kids very expensive that we have been able to see to roll on the circuit of Silverstone controlled by the professional driver and winner of the Academy GT, Jann Mardenborough.

The car has been created by Nissan and Sony to promote the video game for the PlayStation 4, Gran Turismo Sport. To be able to replace everything that has to do a pilot in a race car, this Nissan GT-R remote control has been equipped with four robots that can operate individually and that control the angle of rotation of the steering wheel, the gears of the transmission and the brake pedals and accelerator. The controller of PlayStation that have been used for this purpose has not been changed, only has been connected to a microcomputer that interprets the movements that are made on it and sends it to the car.

Nissan GT-R remote control: a video game to the reality of a circuit

to be able To make it around the circuit of Silverstone, Mardenborough has jumped on a helicopter that has allowed him to see at all times what the car and so to avoid the delay of the image that would have a camera placed in the Nissan GT-R remote control. The lap time that has been achieved has been of 1:17,47, with an average speed of 122 km/h and a top speed of 211 km/h.

Talking about the exhibition that have been made in the circuit, Mardenborough said: “it has been a unique experience in my life, something truly epic. The GT-R for remote control has brought together my two worlds: the virtual video game and the reality of motor sport, in a way that I never thought would be possible. The response of the car when using the remote control of PlayStation has been a lot more fun than I thought.”

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