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volkswagen polo

You know why new model of Volkswagen is better than horse proposes popular company vehicle German live a unique experience astride his new “Polo Horse” your car journeys they will never be the same, you want to see?

speed, comfort, elegant design and functionality are some of the main characteristics that define the new automotive jewel Volkswagen , designed for the most demanding motorsport enthusiasts.

With its new campaign Volkswagen presents us what are the benefits that can bring your last model and finally decantarías of this prestigious company vehicle instead of a horse.

Spot VW Polo

Beyond romanticism that we can give travel to the back of a beautiful horse new Volkswagen are all strength, endurance, sportiness, freedom and speed, which you can reach your goals in no time.

The answer to the question posed by the popular brand in its new campaign can be found in their latest TV commercial.

What about you ?, what do you think this new model?

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Source Picture Facebook Volkswagen.

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