Video out to the incredible customization of the new Need for Speed ​​

The new Need for Speed ​​ will be released in November. Many already have named as the spiritual successor to the Need for Speed ​​Underground, two of the most popular games of the series and most fondly remembered by fans. The new game is openly focuses on the world of tuning, combined with a city that can explore at our leisure. A sandbox philosophy – as in Grand Theft Auto – we already have in other games. Let’s see how the editor works for customization profound cars.

Apparently Electronic Arts has distributed an Alpha version of the game to some gamers. Some of them have YouTube channels, and it is in them that upload videos of gameplay of this version of the game still in development. In some of the latest videos that have been posted online, they explore Customization options offered by the game. Possibilities that are undoubtedly the largest in the whole saga. Let the video speak for itself, using as a guinea pig Subaru BRZ .

Body kits are designed entirely by real companies, that sell in the market. That is why there kits manufactured by Rocket Bunny or Veilside , to name two Japanese specialists. The Speedhunters Hoonigan and platforms have also pointed to the party. Exhausts, tires, diffusers … all are customizable to an extent never before seen in a vidoejuego. Practically we can build and drive the car of our dreams.

Graphics have a high quality, are almost photorealistic . The atmosphere of the game is night and dark, but something could change in the final version. Finally, another video customize a Nissan 180SX in key drifting. The new Need for Speed ​​focuses heavily on new automotive trends like drifting, preparations like “Stance”, “Hellaflush”, etc. We do not forget that several heroes tribute to the tuning of the current scene as the great Magnus Walker or specialist RWB Japanese.

we closed the article with a video of gameplay Finally a “free roam” through the streets of the city. Soon there will be more focused on prestacionales improvements where we can even vary the tire pressure drops or both axes videos. Pretty impressive.

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