[Video] Overview of the Monaco GP F1 2017

The appointment of monegasque we saw a Monaco Grand Prix to use, although without the chaos that tends to cause in the Principality during the first lap of the race. Therefore, as soon as the positions are stabilized, came into play the battle strategic in which Ferrari took the limelight in contention for the win. Also the two Red bulls and Valtteri Bottas, who challenged for a spot on the podium.

Both Sebastian Vettel as Daniel Ricciardo took advantage of the overcut, which is to remain in track longer than your opponent to overtake him later in the pits. This circumstance can only occur in circuits with low degradation on the tyre more soft holds without problems and allows to the pilot that it takes longer to stop to be even faster.

In this case, Kimi Räikkönen, Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen stopped before to place the tire superblando, while their respective opponents took advantage of the greater speed of ultrablando track, getting enough advantage as to detenderse pit with enough margin to win a position.

Lewis Hamilton, for his part, traced from the twelfth square until the seventh, when in which it was found with Carlos Sainz, and could no longer continue climbing in the rankings.

the hand of David Moreno, we review all of this in a video-summary that runs through the 78 laps of the sixth round of the season.