Video: pedal to the metal, and listens as the roar of the new Audi R8 in this interactive video

The interactive videos have become a technology is really interesting for manufacturers, who are looking for ideas that are more original to attract the buyer, and enthusiasts of the brand and, why not say it, generating interest in social networks. Lately we have seen the proliferation of numerous videos, usually quick turns in circuit, in 360┬║. But the case with which we are dealing is much more simple. It is a video of the Audi R8 accelerating, and roaring, in which we can engage the gear by pressing the button SHIFT.

Although the Audi R8 will introduce to its range of smaller engines and modest (there is talk of a five-cylinder turbo), the moment can only be purchased with motor V10 and from 540 HP.

A good chance to listen to the engine V10 of this new Audi R8, the only engine that will be available, for the moment, the supercar German. Although all indications are that the Audi R8 will increase your range in the next few months, or years, with an engine more modest (there is even talk of five cylinders and turbo), the engine is more modest that is available is a V10 540 HP.

The mounting of this video is a bit forced, and perhaps too artificial to achieve a good fitting between shots. Definitely, if you are not acting the change, the time it takes to move from first to second and second to third does not correspond with what it would take if you really pisásemos on the accelerator.

In any case, an interesting initiative of Audi.

Source: Audi
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