Video: Porsche street more rare of the history of the brand


Porsche 911 (964) Turbo S.

Has been about the Porsche which has prepared this interesting video in which points to the production models the more rare of its history, those models or versions that had the production most short of the history of the factory in germany.

in The style of viral, Porsche has edited this video of a very dynamic, in which we displayed the list as a “Top 5“ and says to us some features and specifications of each model, including pricing of the time in dem. For those who are curious, at the time of entry of force of the euro as the official currency in Europe the frame is listed at 0.5 euros, that is to say, a euro were two German marks. So make the change mentally is very quick and easy.

The video was originally made in German and dubbed in English, but for those who jammed with subtitles these are the models that appear in the video.


Porsche 911 GT1.

The first thing that appears is the brutal 911 Turbo S generation 964, of which the brand produced only 86 copies with these specifications, which are lighter and more powerful. I lost 180 pounds with respect to the 911 Turbo standard and raises its power up to 360 HP (355 hp). The following is the 924 Carrera GTS, version born for competition of the smallest model of the range. Only they were assembled, 50 copies and its 4-cylinder available of 245 PS (242 hp), was also a version lightened up and had a headlight fixed and windows plástico.

Modelo Año Potencia Unidades
911Turbo S 1992 360 CV 86
924 Carrera GTS 1981 245 CV 50
911 GT1 1998 544 CV 21
911 SC RS Group B 1984 250 CV 20
356 America Roadster 1952 70 CV 16

In third place we find the 911 GT1, which were fabricated only 21 copies to be able to homologate the model for competition. In theory, the GT1 is a 911 that has been rotated by the engine, so that instead of hanging behind the rear axle is arranged in a central. However, this is only on paper, since at the time of the truth is a real prototype that shares more with its predecessor, the Porsche 962 that with the 911.


Porsche 911 SC RS Group B.

finally, the two most rare are also versions designed to
competition. On one hand we have the 911 SC RS Group B, a type-approval
special manufactured only 20 units, with more power and a
weight tremendously lowered, with 250 HP was 40 HP more and 450 kilos
unless the 911 SC standard. The most rare of all is the 356 America
, a new version of lightweight of which only were made 16
, all of them for the north american market, with intentions of
to enter competition.