[Video] Porsche will come to iRacing this month


Porsche ended its exclusivity contract with Electronic Arts in December, a few days after, iRacing has announced a deal with the brand of Munich to introduce several of their creations in the prestigious simulator competition.

The new 911 GT3 Cup is used in 20 competitions of different organized by Porsche around the world, including the German cup, the united states or the International Porsche Mobil 1 SuperCup, which serves as a career of support of the Formula 1.

Due to this, the 911 GT3 is the sports most used in the world in competition and, now, comes to simulator star racing: iRacing, as outposts of a good number of models of the German mark. Its release date is not yet defined, but iRacing has confirmed that it will be during the month of January 2017.

in this regard, the Director of Marketing and Communications iRacing.com Kevin Bobbitt, has commented that “the success of Porsche in the world of competition is unparalleled, from Le Mans to the Nurburgring or Daytona, and Sebring. Porsche is an ideal partner for iRacing and continue to develop the capabilities of our simulator”.

The members of iRacing have at their disposal more than 50 cars modeled digitally with those who compete in circuits scanned also to digitally reproduce every irregularity of the ground.