Video: Renault explains his reasons for making the Kwid


An integration of parts reaching 97% is the key Renault raised to the success of the new Kwid produced in India. In a video Carlos Ghosn and Gerard Detourbet explain to us the keys to its development.


Renault-Kwid L home of the diamond explains the new Renault Kwid through the main culprits behind its development. To do this they released a video in which the president of the Renault-Nissan Carlos Ghosn and Gerard Detourbet , responsible for development of the segment tell us in some detail what were the reasons that prompted the development of this new low cost product .

An integration of local parts reaching 97% is one of the keys to its low price.

Born as a product for the Indian market, the Kwid also hit other emerging markets around the world distributed . In the presentation, explain some details of its interior architecture and its many storage spaces, which seems to excite consumers in India.

With Kwid Renault points to a segment in India represents 25% of the market and which did not participate until now. That is why the main objective was to achieve a product that can be sold with price well under actually cheaper to everything that had been manufactured so far, but also value they have succeeded good design and proper energy efficiency .

In addition, the Renault Kwid is manufactured in India with an integration of 97% local components , which helps make your selling price exceeds the equivalent of just about 4000 euros , unlike other products in the home of the diamond whose pieces come from different parts of Europe, thus increasing its price.

The same production structure with high integration of local parts, will move to other markets where it will be produced, as will happen in Brazil to supply South America . And this is just one of the keys to its commercial success.