Video: so you hunt Pegasus and you hunted without a belt, the new “safety cameras” of the DGT

DGT is still insisting on the importance of using the safety belt. In this case insist on this habit essential to our security, but not from the point of view most obvious, of the terrible consequences of an accident if you do not use the belt, but from the most terrifying to many drivers, the fines. Remember that circular without a seat belt is a serious offense, which involves 200 euro fine and the deduction of 3 points on the driving licence if the offender is the driver. Remember that from the air, and without our being aware of his presence, the helicopter Pegasus can “cazarnos” without a belt. Don’t forget that in the next few days will begin to work in Spain 70 devices, very similar to the fixed speed cameras, at the foot of the road will be able to identify ourselves without a seat belt, or even talking on the mobile phone. Now, what is happening in these scenes released on video for Traffic?

If a passenger is identified by the agents without a seat belt will be fined 200€. If the vehicle owner does not identify the passenger, the fine to be paid would be€600.

The Traffic department wanted to focus its attention specifically on the problem of not using seat belt by the passenger or passengers. The fine for these is still exactly the same, 200 euros for a serious offence. But it is likely that you’re doing the next question, who will pay the fine, the offender, or the driver?

Traffic officers are conminados that, at the time you identify a driver or a passenger without a seat belt the vehicle is stopped immediately, to resolve the incident, and to pursue the appropriate penalty. In the case of an infringement detected by a helicopter Pegasus, or a fixed appliance, it is obviously not possible to stop the vehicle. In such a case, the fine will come to the owner of the vehicle, with the corresponding test graph. It will be the landlord who will have to identify your companion, the driver of the car, or passengers not using safety belts.

The big problem, in this case, it will be in that if the vehicle owner does not identify the violator, or not autoinculpa of the infringement (which in the last instance is the best), the fine will amount to 600 euros.

In this first video we see a case of even greater concern. The driver uses a safety belt, but not the two children who accompany him, in the front passenger seat and in the rear seats. Pegasus is able to identify the infringement with the clarity that shows this video.

In this second video, we can see why not enough to use the belt any way. We seem to think that the passenger wears the seat belt, the problem is that it is not placed correctly, because its two arms are above this. The driver also makes a proper use of the belt, crosses at the mid-height of the arm, so that this would not meet properly its function of retaining your body in the event of an accident, and could even reduce your mobility while driving. Both would be penalized with 200€ fine, and deduction of 3 points for the driver.

Source: DGT
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