Video: sounds the Fiat 124 Spider, a “Mazda MX-5” engine of Abarth

Yesterday we knew for the first time Fiat 124 Spider, the new roadster Italian, a Mazda MX-5 to Fiat has made a tailored suit, and whose heart the maximum torque has been transplanted by a motor is well known, the 1.4 Turbo used, among others, the Abarth 500 (see the bottom of a Fiat 124 Spider for 2016). I also, we told you that there will be subtle differences between the model marketed in the united States and europe, such as the fact that the first enjoyment of 160 HP, and the second of only 140 HP. Now, how it will sound? Maybe go out of doubts with this video.

The people of Jalopnik has already “hunted” to the new Fiat 124 Spider, in motion, in the parking lot during the course of the Hall of Los Angeles. The sound, honestly, is not spectacular. It can even be disappointing if one expected it to sound like as an Abarth 500. Obviously, the design of your exhaust is not far from the one used by Abarth. Sounds like all turbocharged engine and small has ring. No more.

do Not forget that the main responsible of the sound, so powerful and evocative of Abarth, is no other than the exhaust system used by the brand of the scorpion.

Now, after listening to this video I am convinced that many will be looking forward to, more than ever, that Abarth will finish hand this car, increase your power, look for a touch more sporty, and install an exhaust system that gives you that hoarse sound, and convincing, that we so much like the saga Abarth 500.

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