Video test BMW Series 5 2017

Few sedans premium has been so successful throughout history as the BMW 5 Series. He was born in 1972 and have been commercialized , 7.9 million units worldwide across six generations. The last of these has been particularly successful, accumulating 2.2 million units sold.

The German model has reached the turn of its renewal, that is already in the dealerships. The 5-Series G30 has evolved in all the senses, being closer than ever to the flagship model of the bavarian manufacturer. In fact, the new 5-Series boasts of being one of the models of the most technologically advanced of the market even surpassing his older brother in this aspect.

Its exterior design has evolved, keeping intact the DNA of the German manufacturer. The berlina executive BMW saved characteristic features such as the kidneys double in the front, a short cantilever, the passenger compartment moved forward, the traditional curve Hofmeister, a lag behind predominantly horizontal lines and a few pilots of large size with the form of L.


The signature light hex runs towards the grill

The design is distinguished and elegant but also modern as a leave in evidence LED headlamps offer of series in the whole range. The accent LED for the daytime running light has a profile hex and extend to the kidneys giving a greater sense of packaging. In option are the LED headlights with adaptive with variable timing light and wizard headlight with anti-glare BMW Selective Beam.

The aerodynamic efficiency has been especially cared for, with an amazing coefficient Cx of 0.22 in the best of cases. One of the measures that cause this optimum air flow around the contour of the car is the application of a front grille active, of series in all the versions. Also takes the Air Breather in the front wings, the legacy of the 7-Series, to reduce the turbulence of air in wheels.

The customization options and equipment are very broad. In the catalog we find various types of alloy wheels up to 20 inches, 21 colors available for the body, two finishes (Sport and Luxury) with design features of our own, and of course the ever-quoted sports package M. In June will be added to the body family, that is to say, the BMW 5-Series Touring.


sporty Style without losing elegance

the dimensions of The BMW 5-Series has grown in all dimensions: 4.935 mm is 36 millimeters longer than its predecessor, the width has increased by six millimeters to get to the 1.868 millimetres and the height grows two millimeters falling in 1.466 mm. The distance between axes also higher, seven millimeters in concrete, to be fixed at 2.975 mm. The size increase is also noted in the cargo space with a trunk of 530 liters available with the function of automatic opening and closing, but without the option of having a double bottom.

If the outside is unmistakably BMW on the inside is the same. The interior of the new 5-Series is no surprise by design, not intended to break the mold and follow in general the trend of style of the brand in recent years. But in spite of this you do not have the feeling of be more of the same, all the elements have evolved to convey more modernity and luxury. The quality is outstanding, flawless, with finished to an exquisite.

Not only has created a luxurious atmosphere, but also comfortable and relaxing. There are several types of seats, all very comfortable, with countless regulations and electrical with different fabrics, stitching and decorative embroidery. It is even possible to have a massage function with eight different programs in three modes of intensity thanks to 20 air chambers built into the backrest and the seat cushion.


BMW has had a meticulous care with the details

space zen is complemented with solutions such as an ambient lighting that allows you to adjust six different colors that allow for up to 11 configurations of light or a climate control up to 4 zones with ionizer, and a aromatize that sprays subtly the cabin with up to eight scents selected.

If we want to reach another level with the atmosphere chill out the computer optional audio from Harman Kardon with 600 W is a good choice. For the gourmets, it offers a awesome surround sound system from Bowers & Wilkins with tweeters, diamond equipped with 16 speakers and 1,400 W of power, which costs about 5.300 euros approximately.

In this berlina executive the space is very well taken advantage of. We have many slots and compartments to put things (and even charge your smartphone thanks to the function of wireless charging). space is generous for the legs and head both in the two seats in front as in the rear seats. In the second row, we equip a professional entertainment system to the rear offers two separate screens of 10.2 inches with DVD, a radio, television or the Internet. You can also connect MP3 players, USB devices, gaming consoles, and helmets.

Speaking of entertainment, in the upper part of the dashboard we find the screen of the multimedia system, touchscreen and with a size of up to 10,25 inches. is Perhaps the best infotainment system on the market today, because the image quality is superb, there are plenty of features, the handling is intuitive, fast, and fluid. Can be controlled by the controller iDrive, by voice, by touching the screen or even is able to recognize gestures.


The multimedia system has a new interface

in Addition, the versions equipped with the 5-Series G30 carry a box instruments digital using a screen of 12.3 inches, very attractive visually but with few customization options. The sedan can also be equipped with a Head-up Display of new generation that is 70% larger than the previous.

Engines for all tastes

At the time of its launch, the new 5-Series arrives with four engines. Are two gasoline 252 HP (530i) and 340 HP (540i) and two diesel 190 HP (520d) and 265 HP (530d). All come standard with a fantastic automatic transmission Steptronic 8-speed, except the diesel smaller than you can also enjoy a manual gearbox of 6 gears. Also all can be combined with the all-wheel-drive xDrive.

The range will expand this month with the BMW 520d EfficientDynamics Edition, especially designed to achieve a consumption more adjusted (approvals 3.9 l/100 km), the plug-in hybrid BMW 530e iPerformance and the first model M Performance of this series that will be represented by the BMW M550i xDrive with engine V8 462 CV.


High comfort and performance outstanding in all versions

no matter what engine resides under the hood, all shine for their performance. During the presentation we had the chance to try the least powerful, that is to say the 520d, and pushes very well, being able to roll rhythms high with an incredible ease. With the engine cold and idling perceive certain vibrations, which disappear once the propellant reaches the proper temperature.

agility is remarkable for a car of this size, something that is intensified if we have the active steering integral where the rear wheels rotate slightly to improve the precision in the curves. In addition, you can squeeze this section dynamic with the driving modes-Comfort, Sport, Eco Pro and Adaptive of the Driving Experience Control, which adjusts the settings of engine, steering, transmission and suspension. In addition, despite the fact that this generation of the 5 Series Sedan has grown its new chassis has managed to reduce the weight around 100 kilos and it shows in the plane dynamic. If we want to make a driving spirituous could not miss a touch sporty that characterizes the German brand.

in spite of its size outside parking is very easy thanks to the system of cameras in 360-degree views and three-dimensional technology Remote 3D View. We also have a wizard of parking both in parallel and battery. It is more for parking is not required nor that we are within the car because the key display allows the remote parking. It is one of the many features of this faucet with touch screen.


The key display is one of the gadgets more llamativos of the 5-Series

Searching for the comfort we can enjoy a roll very pleasant and quiet. Very quiet. We note the tremendous work of BMW in the soundproofing of the passenger compartment, using measures such as an encapsulation special motor, acoustic glazing for the windscreen or shock absorber of sounds built into the ceiling.

The systems of driving assistance are more present than ever, going a step further in comparison with the 7 Series. These programs help employ a stereoscopic camera, radar and ultrasonic sensors to monitor the vehicle’s surroundings. So, the car can take control of acceleration, braking and direction, staying in the lane, or even to adapt the speed automatically according to the changing boundaries of the pathway.

The new BMW 5-Series is already available at dealerships and its price starts at the 49.400 € . The standard equipment is more extensive than is usually found in many premium models, but still the list of options is long, as expected of one of the cars most technologically advanced on the market. In this way the rate increases rapidly and forces you to take accounts and to think about what you really want or need to equip. The good thing is that we will always have guaranteed that the result will be one of the sedans executive more luxurious, comfortable and distinguished of the time.

Version Fuel Power Transmission Price
530i Gas 252 HP Aut 56.400 €
530i xDrive Gas 252 HP Aut 58.400 €
540i Gas 340 HP Aut 67.500 €
540i xDrive Gas 340 HP Aut about 70,500 €
520d Diesel 190 HP Manual 49.400 €
520d xDrive Diesel 190 HP Aut 54.300 €
530d Diesel 265 HP Aut 61.900 €
530d xDrive Diesel 265 HP Aut 63.300 €