Video test MINI Countryman 2017

The generational shift MINI Countryman has brought the hand in a higher dose of space and functionality. A necessary evolution to meet the needs of versatility for those looking for a todocamino compact, segment that comes to compete with no holds barred after a significant growth in all its dimensions.

Thus, this generation F60 is the model more versatile and of greater size in the 58 year history of the brand. He has matured, but remains one of the most innovative of the british manufacturer, as it was the previous model to be the first MINI four doors, the first with five seats and the first with all-wheel drive. A personal style that gave a magnificent result business with 540.000 units sold around the world.

In its renewal, the compact SUV premium has grown 20 cm in length to bring your body until the 4,30 m of length so that this MINI is not so mini. Its design keeps its identity with a hexagonal grid of a radiator, the three side windows that are clearly defined, the short overhangs, wheel arches marked, and tail lights in vertical.


The new MINI Countryman (F60) is already available at dealerships

One of the strengths of the british brand is the enormous capacity for individualization of each of the units. The catalog offers multiple colors for the bodywork, roof in contrasting colour wheels with various designs, colors, casings for the mirrors and measures and vinyls of all kinds that make it possible to set up a Countryman to our liking.

of course, the customization options are also very present in the room with different surfaces, decorative trim, upholstery or shades of lighting. A cabin that stands out by a outstanding quality both by materials as for adjustments as expected of a car with the label premium.

In that sense the point that most tarnishing is the box of instruments. Its retro design does not finish to fit well in an atmosphere that maintains many traces of traditional but visually it conveys modernity. The instrumentation, however, is made of a plastic that is unattractive, the way in which it displays the fuel level is impractical, and the display of the trip computer is small, and the orange illumination is out of date. To complement this information you can equip a Head-Up Display.


In the interior, the quality is excellent

In the dashboard does not lack the central ring that integrates the infotainment system. There are two types of screen, one with 6.5 inches and another 8.8-inch, in both cases with a superb picture quality. The system more complete media account for the first time with a touch screen, although you can also drive through remote control MINI Touch Controller, and includes the navigation system Professional MINI, a hard drive of 20 GB and the new MINI Country Timer that later I will detail how it is.

The Countryman to debut hybrid technology MINI

The larger exterior dimensions translate to the interior offering a livability much higher than that of its predecessor. There is more space for the legs, to the shoulders and to the head, both in front and behind. The comfort is guaranteed with a few seats that have fascinated me for a good fluffy and ergonomics, in addition to displaying a very carefully designed.

In the back row two people of 1.90 m of height you will find more than enough space and there is even site as is reasonable for three. The central square you can take advantage of short routes because, although it is somewhat more uncomfortable than the other, it leaves a good space for the legs, since the tunnel transmission is not intrusive. Optionally, the rear seats can modify the inclination of the backrest and slide longitudinally up to 13 inches.


The rear seats are highlighted by space and modularity

One of the advantages of having grown up in size is able to offer a greater load capacity. The boot has 450 litres of capacity, 100 more than the previous model, and features a handy double bottom. The hinged backrest of the rear seat can be split in the ratio of 40:20:40 expanding the volume up to 1.390 litres. As a novelty, the gate can have a system of opening electric and even the Easy Opener that provides a access hands-free by simply moving your foot under the bumper (450 euros).

One of the most curious in the equipment of the new Countryman is the possibility of having two seats for the outer seats. It is a comfortable cushion optional (150 euros) called MINI Picnic Bench that is placed on the edge of the boot and allows you to lean on to rest in the open air or to take off with comfort on your hiking boots after a hike, for example. Original and different.

Find a position of comfortable driving is very easy thanks to the multiple regulations of steering wheel and seat. We’re sitting in an elevated position and the visibility is very good thanks to the square shapes of the body, the thin pillars and the crystals of large proportions.


The design is a continuation of, a clear evolution of the model of the first generation

The engines of the Countryman, two petrol and two diesel, are shared with other models of MINI and all are equipped with technology TwinPower Turbo. The version of access (Cooper) has a gasoline engine 1.5-liter, three-cylinder and 136 HP. It offers a good performance and possibly the choice more reasonable, we don’t need more.

The other option of gasoline (Cooper S) is the top of range, at least for the moment, and it is a 2.0 liter engine and 192 HP which stands out for its performance. In terms of the alternatives of diesel, we have a turbodiesel 2.0-liter with two power levels of 150 HP (Cooper D) or 190 HP (Cooper SD).

The transmission is entrusted to a manual gearbox six gears or an automatic Steptronic with 6 or 8 gears, as the engine has three or four cylinders. The automatic gearbox is a marvel, but look at the price because it increases the invoice in 1.950 euros. Versions Cooper S and Cooper SD can equip a box sport Steptronic Sport, even more satisfactory because it is faster, adds the maximum torque at the steering wheel, and includes a function Launch Control.


The seats are very comfortable and have different options of upholstery, colours and designs

in Addition, this SUV will be the first hybrid model from the british brand. Within a few months, will get a hybrid version plug-in MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 with a range of up to 40 kilometres on the way to purely electric. After the summer will be added to the always desired MINI John Cooper Works Countryman 2017 with 231 HP and a tune up sports.

In any event, good sportsmanship is not missing to the standard versions of the Countryman. It is something that can be accentuate with the driving modes MINI Driving Modes. As in the other models of the brand, there are three options called Green, Mid and Sport that are selected with a rotary control knob at the base of the gear lever. Adjust the steering, throttle response, transmission (only with automatic), the control of the energy management and air conditioning, suspension (only with the electronic control of the suspension) and the sound of the engine.

The system MINI Driving Modes reminds us on the screen that the Countryman is also capable of transmitting the go-kart feeling the rest of the models. However, it is not as fun to drive as the other models of the brand. The SUV british has matured, it is more rational and maybe that is why it is logical that not so much seek to that side more passionate driving that it provides a MINI Hatch, for example.

But eye, mature does not mean being boring. In fact, the Countryman is one of the models more dynamic and agile in the SUV segment. It is very precise, reactive, and poised at all times so that you do not have the nerve of the smaller models of MINI but, they enjoy it as much behind the wheel. The steering is direct and the suspension is unwavering. There are three types of damping: standard, sport (225 euros) or electronic control of the suspension (525 euros).


All of the Countryman can be equipped with the new system of all-wheel drive ALL4

all-wheel drive ALL4 is available for all variants of engine and costs € 2,200 additional. Gives us more versatility and safety, but the skills offroad of this model are still somewhat limited. The body has a ground clearance of 165 mm, higher than that of the previous model, but still poor to overcome complicated obstacles.

Before the end, left for me to explain what is the MINI Country Timer. This novel function “measures the fun in difficult terrain”, depending on the brand. It is a timer that is displayed with graphics on the display of the central instrument time and intensity flowing out of the asphalt through the data collected by different sensors and dynamic stability control, which registers the routes for tracks inclined, uneven or no sign. is Not particularly useful but adds a factor of gameplay that more than one will love it and, once again, provides a different detail to that of other todocaminos.

The new MINI Countryman has become the model more practical to have had the mark never but knowing how to maintain the charm and personality to which we are accustomed MINI. Its starting price 27,800 euros is high and the rate grows rapidly if we take the hand of the list of extras, an outlay that tries to compensate with a large dose of quality and differentiation.