Video test SsangYong XLV, we analyze habitability and trunk

Spain was the first european market which came SsangYong, back in 1994. A lot have changed the products of the car manufacturer more ancient of Korea of the South in these two decades. Those cars are spartan and basic in their origins have given way to cars sophisticated technology and attractive.

a Good example is his latest release, the SsangYong XLV, a model that reflects the experience and expertise of the hyundai brand in the manufacturing of suvs and mpvs. This is one of the minivans compact most interesting and has the great advantage of its extraordinary interior space. We already tested the new XLV in your presentation-with video included – and this time we are going to focus on your habitability and trunk, which we will discuss in detail.

With the house in tow

Without a doubt, the most outstanding compared to its rivals is its formidable load capacity. We are talking about a car with a design that is original and different, with only 4,44 m long, enjoy a trunk up to 720 litres of volume Is enormous! The secret has been from a SsangYong Tivoli, the more sophisticated model of the manufacturer of Seoul, and lengthen the body from the C-pillar in 238 mm additional.

The cargo space has a practical background that can be placed at two heights. With the soil placed in the taller height make up with the second-row seats when they are despondent. Only in the hollow of the top, because we have 574 litres in which accommodate to a multitude of bags, boxes, or whatever is needed.

This ability to bring the house back will not only be useful at the time of making long vacation trips but also if we exploit her role as family car, making party to get a baby stroller, and other paraphernalia and accessories for children -which are not few-. Don’t worry about the weight, the piece of the double bottom, draws attention for its solidity.


The XLV follows the design philosophy of SsangYong Nature Born-3

The regular forms of the trunk of the XLV facilitate the placement of the objects making the most of every corner. We also have tires to deposit things, a net to hold the luggage and up to six hooks for hanging bags. SsangYong has also provided an auxiliary power outlet of 12 volts that can be very helpful for plugging in devices like a vacuum cleaner handheld or a portable fridge.

All this using the top of the cargo area Under we still have more room to put things! In the bottom compartment can have up to 146 litres if you equip a repair kit for punctures. Optionally, the Korean model may mount a spare wheel -that logically subtracts space but gives a plus of tranquility – and a organizer removable where to place smaller objects.

If you still need more room you can fold the rear seats in a ratio of 60:40 obtaining a maximum of 1440 litres where you put things really bulky. A feature that can be exploited as car entertainment to allow to fit a mountain bike, a surfboard, accessories of camping, or anything else we might need.


The XLV is produced in the huge factory Korean Pyeongtaek

The loading height is not very high so that to introduce an object in the trunk it is not necessary to lift much of the soil. It is also helps the wide-open mouth of the cargo leaves the gate. Without a doubt, the minivan SsangYong can boast of a cargo space is very well thought out and practical.

Livability for all sizes

The formidable trunk of the XLV is not its only argument. For example, the habitable interior is quite remarkable with five squares of truth. Yes, five, because there is the option of having a third row of seats. Those who want seven seats you should consider the popular SsangYong Rhodius, another titan of the space that is not in vain is the preferred by many families.

at the Front there is a lot of space. The seats are very comfortable, and have been awarded for their ergonomics to provide different degrees of firmness zones to offer a high comfort. Find a driving posture is simple despite the fact that the address does not have regulation in depth.


the functionality of The cargo space care has been taken to the maximum

around us we find countless areas of storage dotted around the cabin, once more there is space there wherever you look. Among them are the compartment in the center console with space to accommodate a 10 ” tablet or a large glove box and deep enough to fit a laptop of 13 inches.

in Addition to the pockets in the doors are very large and in each one of them is you can put a 1.5 litre bottle. There are four cup holders scattered throughout the cabin of this multi-purpose model, and we found a hollow in front of the gear lever ideal for letting the mobile phone, just under a USB socket.

In the rear row is surprised by the space, this being the SsangYong one of the best in the category, in this sense. Back, passenger height high will enjoy plenty of room for the legs and the head, without anxiety. The inclination of the backrest can be adjusted in two levels. In terms of the width, it is enough to fit three adults and the central plaza benefits from having a ground flat.


The rear seats are very spacious, although the central square is less comfortable than the extreme

Equipped to offer comfort and functionality

The XLV is not only immensely spacious, also offers a cozy and comfortable atmosphere with three finishes called Line, Premium, and Limited. Depending on the version, in this minivan, we have at our disposal a equipment wide as a new infotainment system with 8-inch screen that integrates the functions of audio, telephone, navigation and rear camera.

we Also have an attractive upholstery leather – – with surface coated to the driver-steering wheel and knob leather-nice touch, heated front seats, steering wheel, heated, an automatic climate control bizona with memory function and electric sunroof. The address has an interesting system called Flex Steer, which adjusts the level of assistance at three levels.

In the security section found seven airbags including knee for the driver, control system for tire pressure, assistance hill start, sensors of light and rain, inside rearview mirror electrochromic, headlamps, fog lights and daytime running LED, cruise control, Isofix system or rear parking assistance, among many other things.


The range mechanics is made up of modern engines of 1.6
litres of both diesel and gasoline

So that there is no doubt, the SsangYong XLV is the king of space both for livability, such as by cargo volume in its trunk, providing endless possibilities in their daily use, family or leisure. Sale from 18.900 euros (not counting promotions), the versatile compact mpv Korean boasts a price/space enviable.