Video test Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI 150 DSG 4MOTION, the value of the maturity

The second generation of the Volkswagen Tiguan arrived at dealerships Spanish a few months ago, in may of 2016, with the important challenge of overcoming its predecessor. In its first generation, the compact SUV was placed as one of the flagship models of the German brand selling almost three million units. So its renovation had to be at the height of the demands to continue to be a car primary in the range of Volkswagen.

After trying the Tiguan 2.0 TDI 150 DSG 4MOTION Sport, I have noted that to achieve this it has evolved in all the senses. The first obvious is, of course, its appearance. With respect to the previous model, the Tiguan is more long, wide and low (leading to 4,49 m of length) and leaves behind the rounded forms of the previous generation to give way to a design where the prevailing profiles are straight and angular.

the Entire set has been designed to offer you an excellent drag coefficient in its class. The marked horizontal lines give a perspective more robust and the chrome details like the aggressive front grille give it a stylish touch. headlights Full Led lighting, adaptive cornering Dynamic Light Assist of this Sport trim provide excellent light when the sun is hiding.


In the discreet language of design of the Tiguan dominate the horizontal lines

Definitely the SUV German has gained in presence and features with alloy wheels ranging from 17 to 20 inches, with 19 inches of this unit. The new Tiguan has a more matured look, although it is also true that it is more sober and maybe a little bland even despite the fact of being a unit with the Sport trim, the most comprehensive of the three levels of equipment that offers the range next to Edition and Advance. To win on personality that we have to resort to the package R-Line (since 1905 euros).

Within the Tiguan we find an atmosphere very well-known. The dashboard design follows the lines of the latest models of Volkswagen and that’s good because in general we have a great feeling of quality, good materials and settings, a successful ergonomics and a few knobs and buttons are very pleasant to the touch. The design we are familiar with does not mean that no interesting developments, although they are found mainly in the technological forefront.

To start with highlights the fantastic box of tools digital Active Information Display that carry the versions equipped todocamino of Volkswagen. In this display of 12.3-inch displays the information in a very clear and attractive, even though the light of the sun shines directly is still very good and in addition we can configure with different designs. To complete the data that is displayed to the driver it is possible to equip a Head-Up Display color.


Volkswagen puts the accent on comfort with options as the front seats ergonomic electrically adjustable in 14 positions and massage feature

Also note that multimedia system. This is the second generation of this infotainment system, and uses an 8-inch touch screen where you manage all the options of navigation, audio, telephone and vehicle settings. For we can not live without our mobile phone is a joy to know that the system enjoys connectivity Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Mirror Link to enjoy the content of our smartphone on the go.

In this screen also displays the images of the camera system 360 named Area View which is very useful in maneuvers and provides a top-down view of the car, in addition to other in the front, the rear, side and multiple perimeter. Parking is even easier if we use the assistant automatic parking Park Assist 3.0 that allows you to park easily in-line and on battery.

In the equipment available for the Tiguan also highlights the automatic climate control Climatronic three zones or the great panorama sunroof practicable that brings plenty of light into the cabin and gives great feeling of spaciousness. A real sensation because the interior space is one of the strong points of the todocamino German. This good habitability is one of the advantages of the new modular platform on which rests this model.


The digital instrumentation offers various configuration options

Where it stands out from the majority of models of competition is in the rear seats, with much room for knees and head, even for passengers of tall. The Tiguan can also boast of offering a lot of width in this second row, so that leaves space for three adults. It is true that the tunneling transmission is quite bulky in this area but even so, the passenger of the central plaza you can travel comfortably.

The Tiguan is the first SUV from the German brand settled in the platform modular transverse MQB and the interior configuration is always five spaces. People who need more will have to wait for the future version with the body elongated and seven-seater called the Tiguan Allspace. As a sign of his flexibility, the second row of seats can slide longitudinally up to 18 cm so that in its most forward position will maximize the cargo space.

The boot is accessed through an electric gate optional which leaves us with a wide mouth cargo, ideal if we have to introduce objects of large dimensions. We have a volume of 520 liters, a figure quite remarkable for a car of 4,5 meters length. But be careful, if you overtake the second row of seats as I have said before, we will expand the capacity up to 615 litres.


spacious Interior and flexible: The second-row seats allow displacement

The space is very profitable and the floor can be placed at two heights, leaving, at the bottom of the spare wheel or in a compartment. Of course we can also fold the seatbacks, which we do from a few pulls in the inside of the trunk, and thus increase the volume until the 1.655 litres.

The versatility for flag

There are seven mechanical options and we are testing the most balanced: the engine turbodiesel TDI of 2.0 liters and 150 HP. Gives a good performance and provides a push very linear from low turns, although it is also true that we lack a bit of refinement and it shows a sound a little rough in cold.

This unit takes the change DSG of 7 speeds, an automatic transmission of double clutch that is an excellent choice because it works very gently. That adds a plus of comfort to a car already comfortable and very nice to drive. At low speed, for example, in maneuvers of parking, can be a little abrupt.


The TDI 150 HP is somewhat noisy but moves to the Tiguan with a lot of solvency

at The wheel we are sitting in a high position and have good visibility in any direction. The soundproofing is good, the feel of the steering and pedals is very accurate and the tare of the suspension provides a good compromise between agility and comfort. Optionally you can equip a sport suspension that is not very recommended because subtraction of comfort. There is also a gear train adaptive DCC, always interesting even though it has an additional cost of 1,000 euros, which may not worth to invest because the suspension of series complies very well.

can’t miss a wide variety of safety equipment such as the wizard of emergency braking in city with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, assistant, lane change, etc, The model of Volkswagen is proud to be the most secure of its category, according to the tests of Euro NCAP. The todocamino German is also premiering the services of the new System Security & Service.

The Tiguan versions of traction 4×2 or with the system all-wheel drive 4MOTION as this case. It is a system of all-wheel drive permanent, which sends the torque to the front axle in normal conditions but if it detects a loss of adhesion spreads conveniently.

One of the features of the versions with all-wheel drive is that they have a greater free height to the soil, coming in at 200 mm by 189 mm versions of traction to a single axis. Together all this allows you to break out of the asphalt with certain guarantees, being able to make a driving off-road with the SUV from Volkswagen, provided that they do not seek major complications.


The system 4MOTION Active Control is one of the news that grabs the Tiguan

If you usually ride your bike off the road it is interesting to equip a specific package with underbody protection and a front that has a different design to offer an angle of attack greater that reaches up to 25,6 ° in place of 18.3 degrees. In the center console we have a command to modify the performance of the traction system, a system that is new in the Tiguan and is called 4MOTION Active Control.

In the same location there is a button with the drive modes that adjust the parameters of the vehicle such as the steering, throttle response, or change management. In the most efficient way (Echo) we have a feature of the glide in which the transmission is uncoupled from the engine and move forward by inertia, something that is done automatically, quickly and smoothly. This allows you to save fuel And how much do you spend on the TDI of 150 HP in the Tiguan? The normal thing is that we move around the 6.5 l/100 km doing a driving varied. It is not bright, but a normal value for a car of this size.


versions 4MOTION increases the versatility of the German model

Definitely Volkswagen has done a great job with this new generation of the Tiguan, showing a clear step forward in quality and technology. It also stands out for its good habitability and its large cargo capacity, characteristics that make the model very versatile.

The greatest complaint that you can put on is their high price. Yes, it is true, that the range starts at a reasonable 26.660 euros but this is the basic version Tiguan Edition that it is not that you’ll want to have. It is worth stretching our budget to grope, at least, the finishing Tiguan Advance (from 31.780 eur) while the desirable Tiguan Sport climb rate up to 39.370 euros.

If to this we add various extras we find that a unit like the one I have tested is around 50,000 euros, a high rate that will stood hand-in-hand with premium models and much higher than the Seat Ateca, Hyundai Tucson or Mazda CX-5 equivalent.