Video: That sounds like the V6 bi-turbo Quadrifoglio Verde Alfa Romeo Giulia


The sound bi-turbo engine Ferrari new Quadrifoglio Verde Alfa Romeo Giulia will make your hairs erizen. The first promotional video is here and crying at maximum volume.


Alfa-Romeo-Giulia-video S e have talked so much and waited so at new rear-drive Alfa Ferrari engine would come to beat sedans premium German and seemed to lack an eternity when Marchionne announced its filing date, but the day finally arrived.

Today had its world premiere in Milan, Italy Alfa Romeo Giulia, in its most radical variant bearing the famous name Quadrifoglio Verde .

The bi-turbo V6 Ferrari sounds extraordinary way. [1.99901 million]

The QV Giulia uses a Bi-Turbo Ferrari engine with V6 block produced no less than 510 horsepower and rear wheel drive. It is built on very lightweight components, including aluminum and is the carbon fiber material they are even built sports seats and some body elements. [1.99901 million]

But beyond their aesthetic , which is today the focus of a worldwide discussion among fans of cars and Alfisti especially the sound of his Ferrari engine is one of its main virtues . In the first promotional video (or perhaps we should call it pornocional ) that attach you then you can hear roar. A climb the speakers.