Video: The Afa Romeo 4C analyzed by Davide Cironi



Davide Cironi reached for an Alfa Romeo 4C, which we described it with his usual enthusiasm. Considers this a difficult car to drive, but to the same time emphasizes its excellent chassis and engine efficiency.


Alfa-Romeo-4c-Davide-Cironi E his time Davide Cironi put aside for a while to classic cars and borrowed a Alfa Romeo 4C to analyze with traditional style that we have used in their official Youtube channel, which called Drive Experience .

What can you tell about the 4C do not yet know? Not much, but it is worth remembering that this is a two-seater developed on a platform of carbon fiber , equipped with a turbocharged 4-cylinder 1.75 liter engine, located in rear center position, which produces 237 horsepower and rear-wheel drive .

Chassis, brakes and engine are the main qualities that Davide out from the 4C.

The first thing that stands out is that Davide is a product built with speed and behavior as premises and not for appearance, while this is a car that is not easy to drive , because you have to take it very precisely to behave properly. In that sense it could be considered that is not very friendly and it becomes just in most of his virtues, because in a way it is a car that after its characteristics, it behaves like cars before , cars that no longer exist.

No adjectives to describe saves your monocoque carbon fiber , which ensures could support at least another 100 hp additional power. In terms of dynamic performance, the front he found difficult to understand, while the rear behaves more neutrally and predictable. The brakes are outstanding, with a power considered superior to that of its most direct competitors.

Davide believes that 4C is not a perfect car, in fact he would make several modifications if his possession, but emphasizes that part of a truly impressive base. Engine, but considers it would be ideal to have some horses again, stresses that the turbo lag is virtually nonexistent and torque is always available to be exploited immediately.

But better, before I continue telling you is that you enjoy through the story of Davide that beyond language barriers with its enthusiasm manages to convey his emotions very clearly.