Video: The BMW 1602e, 1972 was the first electric vehicle of the brand


Developed in absolute secrecy, the BMW 1602e had its debut Munich Olympics 1972 . Used 12 batteries weighing 350 kg and had a range of 60 kilometers .


BMW-1602e-video B MW has been experimenting with Electrical Technology undoes many years as much as 40 years before the arrival on the market of i3, the Germans had already developed prototype of an electric vehicle which became known as BMW 1602e or Elektro-Antrieb .

At that time engineers BMW were experimenting with vehicles that run on batteries. Of course, technology was limited because there were no batteries lithium ion that are common today or lightweight materials used in the construction of the current i3.

However, the Germans prepared a prototype for 1972 Olympics in Munich which was called 1602e. As the name suggests, is based on the 02 Series originally introduced to the market in 1964.

In its electric version, the 1602e had 12 batteries, located under the hood, forming a large battery that weighed as much as 350 kilograms , which provided enough energy to power its electric motor supplied by Bosch that allowed him a range of 60 km .

Its performance was not good enough to make it a vehicle of mass production, but enough to show the world the achievements of BMW and use the EV as means of transport for the committee organizer of the Olympic Games.

Only built two prototypes , which had been developed in absolute secrecy until its debut at the Olympic Games. However, even though they never produced in series, he served BMW to understand how this technology, which laid the foundation for 40 years after entering the market on BMW i3.