Video: The BMW 3 Series renovated shown moving


The current generation BMW 3 Series debuted in 2012 and this week presented his mid-life update . The facelift has few outside changes, but several mechanical modifications. Through two videos released by BMW, we know further.


BMW-Serie3-MY2016 H ace few days we met the mid-life update of the BMW 3 Series After the technical data and official photographs, BMW released two video promotional allowing know the updated model in more detail.

The aesthetic changes are almost imperceptible, but in version 2015, the 3 Series sum upgrades to mechanical and technological level . As it occurred until now, its appearance varies according to the chosen finish, being M Line those of more aggressive format. All renewed their headlights, although some versions are available with Full LED technology.

With few exterior changes, modifications were mainly mechanical.

Wherever there was news was under the hood, as it released an engine TwinPower Turbo block with 4-cylinder 2.0-liter power 252 horsepower and also new 6-cylinder 3.0-liter that produces 326 hp .

The update came just to celebrate 40 years of the model born in 1975 when remembered and celebrated its first generation internally called E21 came to revolutionize the market. Today, four decades six generations have passed, but the model is able to retain the virtues that make it unique.

The attached external video blemishes while allowing appreciate moving can be observed.