Video: The BMW M2 and wheel on the Nurburgring Nordschleife


The BMW M2 starting to be produced by the end of year was caught on video rolling on the circuit Nurburgring Nordschleife . Is believed to have a motor 6 Online with a power around 370 hp .


BMW-M2-Video E he smallest of the M prepares to start being mass produced from November , but meanwhile pilots German house adjust the final details on dailies conducted the BMW M2 in the German Nurburgring Nordschleife as his final body, barely camouflaged.

The BMW M2 wheel on the Nordschleife with short body.

The evaluations are intended to adjust the chassis, suspension system and the dynamics of the car, for the start of manufacture.

As usual, the ‘ Green Hell’ is the venue chosen by the brand to finish adjust the final details at the same time manage to test the capabilities able to actual use.

still early to know what the BMW M2 hides under its hood, although it is believed that use a propeller inline six-cylinder , with 3.0 liters of cylinder, twin-turbo power around 370 horsepower , so that can be seen in the video has very good sound.

This sort of interpretation in modern version of the classic 2002 BMW tube will weighing 1,450 kilograms , so we expect a good dynamic behavior. You can see the remarkable behavior of the two units of M2 in the curves of Nordschleife and as an additional, strain the Opel Corsa OPC also camouflaged, it gives way to the product of BMW when you try to overcome it.