Video: the evolution of The design angular and straight the gentle curves current


Far from what it may seem, the Testarossa did not have a Cx very low.

the importance of The study of aerodynamics was very subsequent to the popularization of the automobile, but very soon he realized the engineers that the main problem confronting any type of vehicle when driving at certain speeds was the resistance of the air.

Interestingly, despite the fact that already at the dawn of motoring and great efforts have been made to overcome this resistance that opposed the air, it was not until the late TWENTIETH century that really vehicles began to be marketed, taking into account the criteria aerodynamic more basic.

And despite the fact that at many levels the aerodynamics played a fundamental role, as in racing, street vehicles have not started to enjoy the teachings of this new science up to the beginning of the decade of the eighties, with the emergence of the first vehicles based on curved lines. Lines became popular only since the decade of the nineties, when manufacturers adopted as a standard by the wind tunnel for the development of their new models.


The Ford Sierra of the eighties was the precursor to the current of these new points connected by smoothed lines.

As we can see in this video, even in the first half of the TWENTIETH century the most logical and aerodynamic rounded forms had to be folded with the best sales figures of the models is more square and angular.

however, in the second half of the century, segments such as the sports car began to take on new forms, based on the experience in the competition, where the aerodynamics started to be a crucial weapon. Although it was not until the arrival of designs like the Ford Sierra began to popularize these new forms, which quickly became popular, thanks mainly to the fact that high fuel prices to create that to search for solutions to reduce the consumption of the vehicles.

In the decade of the nineties is turned on to the design rule
, especially after the proliferation of the current design
biodesign, which was based entirely on soft shapes of the curves, for
each and every one of the features of the vehicle.