Video: The fake commercial Tartan Prancer, created for the film Holiday


The Tartan Prancer is a van that only exists for the film Holiday. As part of the promotional campaign, Warner Brothers produced a fake commercial in which some of their absurd show optional equipment


Tartan-Prancer U ne of the highlights of the original delivery of the film National Lampoon’s Vacation of 1983 was undoubtedly the Wagon Queen Family Truckster , a vehicle with familiar body specially created for the film, based on the Ford LTD Country Squire 1979. Designed and built by George Barris , the legendary creator of several vehicles Hollywood, among which is the Batmobile from the TV series of the 1960s

German Imprint for commercial Tartan false Prancer.

In this new release, the movie is called simply Vacation (holiday) and again will have a designed specifically for the players car, which they called Tartan Prancer .

This is a van with his body painted electric blue, characterized by having two front and four side mirrors among other aesthetic eccentricities. As part of the campaign to promote the film, Warner Brothers produced a fake commercial Tartan Prancer, which show some of his absurd equipment options such as adjustable headrests that supposedly improve comfort.

do not know if you’re going to watch the movie, but at least worth that you spend the less than two minute-long commercial, which will surely start a smile.