Video: The Honda S660 looks very funny with only 64 hp


The Honda S660 is roadster seater equipped with central engine and rear wheel drive . Weighs only 830 kilograms and engine 600cc three-cylinder delivery only 64 horses force.


Honda-S660-Video E l Honda S660 started shipping a few days ago in Japan. It is a small roadster two-seater 830 kilograms, equipped with turbocharged 3-cylinder 0.6 liters located in central position, which produces only 64 horsepower .

The S660 other features rear-wheel drive, which transforms it into a sports race, although on a reduced scale. The rigid structure, rear wheel drive, the central motor , its low center of gravity and perfect weight distribution, they can give small roadster a very sporty behavior.

The small propeller delivers a typical sound of a sports , despite its small displacement and its three cylinders. This was accomplished based on the application of sound optimization techniques , affecting both the turbo and the intake and exhaust.

After the first official pictures and technical information Honda released a promo video which is carried on track to demonstrate its dynamic qualities. In addition, the video serves to appreciate small dimensions power observe in a natural setting and achieving first heard the sound of your motor . For the images are of little doubt that this is a fun vehicle .