Video: The Hoverboard Lexus was true, but it has a trick


Lexus created a hoverboard that can levitate above the surface, the style of Marty McFly used in the movie Back to the Future


Lexus-hoverboard D ince a few weeks ago Lexus came bombarding social networks with a floating skate , which immediately refers to that Marty McFly used in the film Back to the Future . Despite initial skepticism, it turned out that the device was real, but to operate requires certain conditions.

The Lexus hoverboard was real and it works.

Lexus now demonstrated that the hoverboard is real and it works, but only where they called Hoverpark, specially built facilities near Barcelona, ​​in Spain . The device uses a magnetic levitation system which they called maglev, which allows you to detach a few centimeters of the surface, without any sort of friction. However, the soil surface drink be coated magnets to allow the system to operate.

The hoverboard measures 920 millimeters long, 22 millimeters wide and 90 millimeters high and can lift up to 200 kilograms. Magnetic levitation on the surface occurs through a superconducting inside the device, which are cooled by immersion in liquid nitrogen, which is precisely what produced the smoke that can be seen in the images.

Of course or is it an invention only Lexus, as they developed with a team of German scientists IFW Dresden and EVICO GmbH who specialize in technology of magnetic levitation . The Maglev system is actually not a new technology as it is also used in magnetic levitation trains.

devise new or not, there is no doubt that we are facing an excellent promotion campaign division premium Toyota. But it is best to see the device in action in the video attached below.