Video: The magnetism of the Ford GT

If perhaps you were wondering if a sport like the Ford GT in need of advertising actions, as we can now skip the answer, no, you do not need. If we take into account that it will produce around 250 units a year, Ford won’t need too much work to sell it. Is more, we understand that there will be cakes to take with one. But you will be with me in that the opportunity to repay the most of such a special occasion, such as the launch of an authentic supercar, is sufficiently succulent for Ford to take the rest promoting his new machine. And that is where comes into play this 30-second video, which talks about the magnetism of the Ford GT.

Pity. With a cadence of 250 units/year, the Ford GT will be a true unicorn, one of those sports with which the experience of when there is one down the street will be a major event.

Ford has wanted to reflect the power of attraction generated by the supersports, the one that makes people’s head turn your way, you see the flashes of the camera of a mobile phone and that, parked on a busy street, ends up surrounded by people. Ford wants to remind us that the GT has so much power of attraction as a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. It is more, I would venture to say that if we parked a Ford GT next to a Ferrari and a Lamborghini, all eyes will go to the Ford, and that you will see faces of astonishment as the ones shown in this video. Please don’t hesitate. That was also the face that is left for us to us when we saw him live, especially with details such as the huge pipes aerodynamic that cause the air to pass by the rear fins to your spoiler.

the icing on The cake puts it the roar of your engine. Brutal, by the way. Well it is true that we are no longer before the V8 of yore, and in its place we have a V6 turbo. We are talking about a completely different concept. But certainly in Ford, they were aware that they could not do their sound desmereciera a pose as brutal and overpowering as this.

In the end, we are looking forward to see him in the street. The big problem is that this Ford GT will, with total certainty, on a real unicorn. In one of those sports so unique that many will end up in collections garage-museum, and you will find us with one in our city is a major event.

Source: Ford
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