Video: The new Dacia Duster 2018 is shown in action

The generational relay of the off-road Dacia comes with many new developments and a renewed image. The new Dacia Duster 2018 can be seen in movement in a first promotional video that shows its design and features in detail.

Orne of the main innovations that the brand Romanian led to the Frankfurt Auto show 2017 has been the second generation of the Dacia Duster is fully renovated with a new exterior image, an interior more complete and some improvements in the strength to try to conquer the public within a segment that each day adds more participants.

The new Dacia Duster 2018 evolved while retaining their traits more characteristic, which allowed to achieve a fresh look without altering too much the appearance of a successful product. However the modifications have been sufficient to renew the image of this suv, which managed to preserve the robust appearance which has always characterized.

In the front it is observed that now the grille adopted larger dimensions, at the same time that it renewed the headlights main with a new design, like the hood and the bumper. The line of the waist is higher and the windshield is now more inclined, giving the new Duster look more dynamic, giving in addition to improved aerodynamics.

behind the modifications have been something more subtle, glittery new drivers rear that include the signature of the light that characterizes the Dacia most recent.

But it’s on the inside where the changes compared to the previous generation become more evident,, which introduces a dashboard of the new design, in addition to improvements in the finishes and trim, which allowed to improve the perceived quality. In terms of the provision debuts new information system and entertainment MediaNav Evolution with touch screen, new controls for the automatic climate control system, in addition to new seats and upholstery.

After the first images and official information, the Dacia has been made available a first promotional video that shows in detail the new Duster 2018 both its exterior and the interior, in addition to allow to see the jeep in motion.