Video: The new Ford Focus RS goes for a walk in the mountains


The new generation Ford Focus RS looks aesthetically simpler than its predecessor, but hides a EcoBoost engine 320 hp and a system of four-wheel drive , which incorporates a system called D rift Mode .


Ford Focus RS P I ittle by little Ford is spreading more details and the new Focus RS. After passing through the Geneva Motor Show , the European division of the house Oval reported the first official video of the new hatchback sports.

With more than 320 hp under its hood, the new Focus RS promises fun.

Without too technical data, Ford was merely informed that led to the new Ford Focus RS to give a tour of some mountain roads.

The promo video although it is short, used to know some of its main mechanical features, such as AWD system vectoring dynamic torque and the four modes driving.

The modalities of driving, the driver can choose between Normal, Sport, Track and called D rift Mode , a declaration of principles and an indicator that the fun is assured aboard the most extreme of the Focus range.

The Drift Mode used the torque distribution on the rear axle wheel drive system, modifying electronically, allowing the driver curves going from side face burning which tires emulator Ken Block .

The new Ford Focus RS uses a motor EcoBoost turbo 4-cylinder 2.3-liter , which produces no less than 320 horsepower at 6,800 rpm and is associated with a 6-speed manual transmission and all-wheel drive system. The powerplant is the same used by the Ford Mustang in Europe.