Video: The new generation Hyundai Tucson in greater detail


Hyundai definitely left the denomination ix-35 . With the arrival of the third generation of the compact SUV the name Hyundai Tucson to all world markets was established. After passing through Geneva will be released in Europe towards the end of the year.


Hyundai-Tucson-2015 E l Geneva Motor Show served as a framework for the debut of the third generation Hyundai Tucson, a product designed in Germany and specifically designed to meet the European public.

The arrival of this new generation also meant neglecting the ix35 name by which he was known in some markets. With an aesthetic clearly based in Santa Fe, where stand outside the front with a large grill and sharp headlights format, inside also accommodate a strip of LED’s daytime running lights.

Behind takes some features of the i20 and ix25, especially by the arrangement of your headlights. The bulging wheel arches, falling pillar C and high belt line combine to deliver a muscular and sporty cut look.

A equipment level, won items such as change alert involuntary lane warning system moving objects when driving in reverse and autonomous braking system.

Under the hood can accommodate a 1.6 liter in variants of 135 and 176 hp and three options diesel based on two blocks of 1.7 and 2.0 liters , with powers between 115 and 184 hp associated with a 6-speed manual transmission or automatic dual-clutch seven-speed traction on the four wheels on the most equipped versions.

After the first images gallery official photos, Hyundai has now released a series of promotional videos that provide insight to Tucson further.