Video: The new Renault Talisman is shown in greater detail


The new Renault Talisman is now official. To supplement the technical information and photographs, Renault released a series promotional videos allowing observe it in greater detail.


Renault-Talisman-video H ace just a few days the world was introduced to the model that will become the substitute Laguna . It is a product with the brand of diamond commitment to quality, which was presented as Renault Talisman, which has been supervised by a team of German technicians Daimler under ensure finished optimal .

In Frankfurt will debut the station wagon variant.

The Talisman has a body 4.85 meters long , 1.87 meters wide, 1.46 meters high, along with a load capacity 608 liters .

His aesthetic combines elements of the Espace and Kadjar, highlighting its large front grill with the emblem of the large diamond.

Initially will be offered with engines up to 200 horsepower and its commercial launch in major markets in Europe is scheduled for after passing through the next Motor Show in Frankfurt , where he will also present its variant with body wagons .

But in addition to information and the official logo Renault broadcast a series promotional videos that help to better understand the keys to its design, besides being able to watch more detail.