Video: the new V8 engine Ferrari, with hybridization, KERS, in-circuit test

This ‘mule’ of evidence may seem at first glance a Ferrari 488 GTB, but it is much more than that: she is testing the new V8 engine of Ferrari, which will incorporate a KERS system. After showing you the first spy photos of this mysterious Ferrari 488 GTB, we now offer it in motion through this video recorded in circuit.

A deeper look reveals to us that this ‘mule’ testing it looks like the full front of the previous Ferrari 458 Italia, including their optical and bumpers, and we are faced with a unit that combines parts and pieces of both models. We may think that we are facing a future Ferrari 488 GTB, the more radical and extreme, that employs the mode of “camouflage” parts of other models, but in reality the important thing here is your engine.


The Ferrari LaFerrari premiered a hybrid system HY-KERS, directly based on the cars of Formula 1 of the scuderia of Maranello, which recovers kinetic energy under braking to be transformed into electrical energy in the form of support to the combustion engine. Well, the LaFerrari has represented the premiere of this technology within the production in the Italian brand, a technology that will extend to their future sport with V8 engine.

Imagine a Ferrari 488 GTB evolved in their engine biturbo V8 3.9 liter incorporate in addition to a hybrid system KERS: your performance will increase with respect to the 670 HP current, increased its power a few dozen horses more and, consequently, will also improve their performance, without decreasing their consumption and pollutant emissions thanks to this hybridization.

This will be the future of the V8 engines of Ferrari turbocharging and hybridization, and is more and more near. This ‘mule’ of evidence demonstrates this well, with a few entries for cooling on their sides and larger than usual. Soon we will see what we have prepared Ferrari through a new model with a V8 engine in central position, or even through a new version more radical and more especially the Ferrari 488.