Video: The radar-selfie. Rémi Gaillard is a more fun use to the speed cameras

Except that during the last 15 years have lived in a cave, it is very likely that you know Rémi Gaillard, or at least you’ve seen any of their videos. Rémi is probably one of the well-known figures from the internet, for their famous videos of humor, sometimes absurd, and almost always putting to the test the public order, challenging the rules of coexistence, and even to have engaged in illegal actions. The obsession with selfies, and radars, have been taken to Remi Gaillard to put your objective in the speed cameras and its chambers, to find a more fun use to the traffic control systems. Radars which, by the way, have been a recurring theme in his adventures.

Remi Gaillard demonstrates, once again, your obsession

Using a radar to make selfies is a use of speed cameras the less unexpected. But without a doubt the result is a sketch quite funny, although less dangerous, and illegal, the actions carried out in some of your videos more famous, like the one in that recreated Mario Kart driving a kart on a public road, or when you snuck into the final of rugby of the Coupe de France, the election of Mister Universe, and other sporting events.

His obsession with the radar, maybe due to some fine, led to Rémi on another occasion to dress up in radar.

Source: Remi Gaillard
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