Video: The Renault Duster Oroch already has television commercial for Argentina


The television commercial for the brand new pickup Duster Oroch allows us to appreciate this new product from Renault in action. It is the pickup that builds on the SUV Duster and offers a capacity of up to 650 kilograms.


Renault-Oroch-Video E he Motor Show in Buenos Aires was chosen by Renault for the world debut of Renault Duster pickup Oroch, that takes as its based both on the platform, as the Duster SUV design.

The aesthetic differences from the SUV are minimal in the front sector, though of course in the posterior region have made the necessary modifications to allow adapting a cargo box his double cabin.

The Renault Duster Oroch wheel and on television.

Also adds some original features of this cargo version, like the plastic roof and bars on the sides of the cargo box, a large tailgate and rear lights a generously sized.

Its dimensions have not yet been revealed, but the box has a length of 1.35 meters and is believed can load 650 kg . The interior is basically the same as the SUV that seats five people and elements like infotainment system with integrated browser and seven-inch touch screen.

Under the hood will be offered com four-cylinder engines of 1.6 and 2.0 liters and versions of single or all-wheel drive. While there is still no official video, the first TV commercial lets us know it in more depth.