[Video] The Renault F1 2012 and 2016, face-to-face


The Formula 1 has changed markedly in 2014, when they entered in competition the new propellants V6 hybrid turbo-charged 1,600 cubic centimeters. Until that time, V8 engines atmospheric provided a power of approximately 930 horses and, currently, the thrusters hybrid -equipped with two recovery units of energy-they provide a similar power.

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The Lotus E20, which was created in the same factory in which it currently operates Renault after purchasing the team in December, was one of the animators of the 2012 season, in which Sebastian Vettel was declared champion after an intense duel with Fernando Alonso until the last race.

Kimi Räikkönen and Romain Grosjean were able to enjoy the excellencies of the Lotus, which was especially good with the treatment of the tires and allowed the finn to finish the season in third position in the championship, after winning the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi. In addition, the Lotus E20 achieved three fastest laps and ten podiums.

The car of this season lives in a situation so radically different, after having had very little work to be conceived in the process of selling Lotus, which had serious economic difficulties. The late acquisition by Renault has not been able to reflect benefits sports this year, but it is expected that the equipment of a great quality break in 2017.