Video: The Renault Sandero RS as shown in his first official trailer


The unpublished Renautl Sandero RS already be seen in a first look at video. This is a sports variant developed by Renault Sport , believed to use the engine 2.0 Duster with a power around 150 hp .


Renault-Sandero-Sport H ace several months we met intentions by Renault to develop one performance based variant from hatchback Sandero prepared especially by Renault Sport division. Now is the French brand itself that announced in official video first arrival of the new model and later with just a few images where can I seen lounging covered by camouflage.

The new Sandero RS as shown in an official advancement.

Mechanically unpublished Sandero will be available with RS 4-cylinder engine with 2.0-liter block already use the Duster and is expected to deliver an output around 150 hp force.

In terms of aesthetics, it is expected that the RS Sandero take some alloy wheels 17 inches , which according to the indications means Brazil will be the same as using the Clio RS in Europe.

Renault Sandero RS (Proyección)

Renault Sandero RS (Screening)

Furthermore it is expected body design somewhat more aggressive , based on new bumpers and additional aerodynamic elements, exhaust system with double outlet and an interior with newly designed steering wheel and seats lateral support, among the most notable changes.

From what little can be seen from advance video, the model will feature parallel of more aggressive format, which integrate a LED daytime running lights, plus RS symbol located right below the diamond.