Video: the SEAT Arosa most powerful on the planet it’s diesel, has more than 500 HP and snack muscle american

If we think in a car of drag racing – or drag racing – we usually think of a muscle car american, as a Chevrolet Camaro, normally equipped with a huge V8 engine and more than 1000 HP power. Many are supercharged by compressor, or turbos. Since then, no one would think of a SEAT Arosa as a good car for drag racing. But, what if I told you that this little guy eat your breakfast, Godzilla and snack muscle american? Not only that: it is equipped with an engine 2.0 TDI pump-injector more than 500 HP of power.

It all started with a SEAT Arosa yellow, dirty, spent, and with the engine broken. Hands to work…

This benjamin is the “pampered” from Darkside Developments, a workshop uk specialised in strengths extreme on TDI engines of the Volkswagen Group. We already knew of preparations 1.9 TDI with power outputs close to 300 HP, but did not know you could extract so much power from a simple 2.0 TDI pump-injector. Although it began its life as a simple engine of 140 HP, has received a turbo John Deere from a tractor – blowing to 4.1 bars – a cylinder head modified to withstand the increased power and a few injectors that allow for a flow a 120% higher.

seat-arosa-tdi-darkside-6in Addition, the preparer has installed new manifolds, an exhaust, as well as free admission to competition and has deleted the EGR. The electronics is completely new, and in addition, features with a kit of nitrous oxide. This engine develops a whopping 507 HP and a maximum torque of 813 Nm, both above 4,000 rpm. Only the Audi SQ7 TDI will can cope in terms of maximum torque. And we still have not touched the undercarriage. This SEAT Arosa is still sending all its power to the front, through a box 02M from a Volkswagen Golf.

This SEAT Arosa is more powerful than the Mercedes-AMG GT S that we tested some time ago, and just as yellow…

Is a manual gearbox of six relations, suitably reinforced to withstand a power and maximum torque for which it was not designed. Is more, in many races the car starts in second gear, because the first is too short. A limited-slip differential Quaife and some huge slicks of drag racing are responsible for the outputs to be fast and no loss of traction. This small locomotive ejected particles as if there was no tomorrow, to the point that sometimes is hidden in the squid ink.

seat-arosa-tdi-darkside-7Your suspension is completely handmade, and its brakes were also improved. Its interior has been emptied to the full, even to the point of losing all the insulation and be in a position only a seat-of-competition. A roll cage and a flat bottom are the latest modifications. The little Arosa may not weigh more than 800 kg, and although his attack is not formidable to be a front-wheel drive, your times are impressive: it has a record 10,14 seconds and 239,47 km/h on the quarter mile.

All of this looks much better in video, so then we some videos of this little SEAT Arosa in action. Since then, it is very different to the Arosa 1.0 I had a friend years ago…

Source: DarksideM