[Video] The Toro Rosso STR12 2017 comes to life


A surprised Carlos Sainz arrives at the headquarters of Toro Rosso in Faenza, wondering where are the employees of the team. The answer is in a room in secret in the new car for 2017: the STR12, comes to life for the first time.

In this video we show here the Italian team partner Red Bull has wanted to act out the symbolic act which so much excitement produced in the members of the team each year. This indicates that the car has already been finished and now the team will focus on accelerating the development of the initial concept to try to do this each time faster.

One of the most important innovations of the STR12 is that this year will count with a propeller Renault last generation, which should allow the team to again be competitive in terms of top speed, something of what they suffered in 2016 especially, to be forced to have a Ferrari engine of 2015. In the video, Toro Rosso leaves the idea that the public presentation of the car will take place in Barcelona on the occasion of the start of the test, but there is still no official confirmation.