Video: this Bentley Continental GT Speed attained 331 km/h on public roads (and not received any fine)

can You imagine more than 300 km/h driving a mass of over two tonnes? that is precisely what lived John Bowe, a legendary australian pilot that is proposed to carry the new Bentley Continental GT Speed up to the limit of its maximum speed. And he got it. The GT Speed attained 331 km/h. And not got it on any site, on a test track enabled for high speeds, as the circuit of Nardò, or the runway of an airport. Got it on a public road. And was not fined for excess of speed…

To its maximum speed, this Bentley runs the length of a football field every second.

The challenge was undertaken in Australia, in a section of the Stuart Highway linking Alice Springs to Barrow Creek, in the north of the country. Of course, there is that to mention that was done in controlled conditions. The test was conducted at stretch closed, and with several passes of safety before accelerating to fund and achieve the 331 km/h. In any case, this stretch is one of the few in the world, along with the Autobahn, with license to run. It is a stage in which there are no speed limits.

all in all, there is not to minimize the merits of this challenge. Personally I’ve never reached this speed. The maximum I’ve managed to live, of course on closed course, has been the experience of almost 300 km/h. And I assure you that the time it takes to reach that speed, and especially in braking, you can get to make eternal.

Bentley Continental GT Speed took 76 seconds to reach 331 km/h. Let us recall that this model is equipped with an engine W12 of 626 HP. In those 76 seconds, ran 9.4 km. With these figures, we can already imagine that in order to achieve the maximum speed of a large coupe like this it is necessary to have a straight immense.

More figures are spectacular. At its maximum speed, this Bentley Continental GT Speed went 92 meters per second, that is to say, practically the length of a football field. At that pace, the Bentley pumps 216 litres of coolant per minute, and your radiator absorbs and 4,700 litres of air per second.

Almost nothing.

Source: Bentley
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