Video: This business of HR-V shows the good times of Honda


Honda chose the nostalgia for the 1990s to promote the HR-V in the United States. The TV commercial makes a walk more symbolic models brand in those years.


Honda-HR-V-Comercial P geese doubts remain about who current range of Honda has little to do with that which was offered recently over 20 years old . [1.99901 million]

Gradually Honda was losing many of its niche models and was nourished by simpler products with the exception of the new Civic Type R, fail to arouse passion nor have the dose of sportsmanship offering models of those years.

Honda ride brings us to the 1990s to promote the HR-V. [1.99901 million]

As part of the launch campaign for the Honda HR-V for USA , the Japanese released a TV commercial in which can be displayed the most iconic models in the range in 1990 and its evolution until our days, culminating with the HR-V. [1.99901 million]

The story runs from the iconic CRX until Civic, Prelude, CRX Del Sol, S2000 and Accord among the most notable. Of course it all ends with HR-V, at the end of the Honda product is trying to sell, but well worth the walk to watch these models that are already part of history brand.