Video: this is how the spectacular electricity highways of Sweden

some months Ago I talked about a project that you may be surprised, although certainly interesting, the electricity highways of Sweden. Siemens and Scania had proposed to create corridors in the highways of Sweden, designed to facilitate the transport of heavy goods using electric trucks. Your idea is not novel, although it would be applied at great distances and such as they have conceived Siemens and the truck manufacturer Scania. And the concept would be to create a power grid to connect the trucks is similar to the catenary of a train.

In Steam: The highway power will be a reality: Sweden finalizes the details

I Already said that this idea is not unprecedented. The concept is essentially the same on which is based the public transport in many cities, the a truck with a kind of mechanical hybrid, and endowed with a system that enables you to connect it easily to a catenary to feed your batteries and remain in operation. Let’s say that would bring the point of energy efficiency, and reduction of emissions of CO2, which can be achieved with a transportation alternative to the road, as the rail, with the freedom and versatility offered by a truck, which at any moment might be disconnected and function as a conventional truck.

But to understand it the best thing is that we look at how it works in the latest video published by Scania in the first stretch of motorway electrical, which has already begun to be used, as a test pilot, and in conditions of real traffic.

The electricity highways carry the concept of the catenary and electrical supply of the railway transport of goods in road.

The first segment, in the surroundings of Gävle, will connect the regions of Dalarna and Gävleborg, and will represent an investment in the order of tens of millions of euros. This system is very promising, if we take into account that the reduction of emissions that would allow for the transport connected to the motorway electric it would certainly be drastic, but obviously involves costs. In Sweden are already thinking about opening new sections on its roads, with an idea that should not replace, but complement, the other type of transport, such as rail.

how And why to invest in this technology? Sweden has proposed the challenge, not easy by the way, to end the use of fossil fuels in cars before 2030. A very ambitious project that, of course, also involves the transportation of goods. And to achieve this, not only will have to have suitable vehicles to replace those that until now used fossil fuels, but also a good institutional support that will require initiatives such as these, the highway outlet.

Source: Scania
In Steam: The highway power will be a reality: Sweden finalizes the details