Video: This is the life of a collector of Italian cars


Luciano Rupolo throughout his life he has been buying classic cars , constituting a collection. Mechanic car broker profession and hobby, he shows their cars Italian publication Locals Magazine.


Luciano Rupolo R ecently the Italian publication Locals Magazine had the opportunity to interview Mr. Luciano Rupolo , an Italian born in France and raised in an environment related cars, who worked all his life in the workshop auto mechanics his family.

Rupolo Porsche owned the oldest in existence.

He was also a runner who participated for 25 years in the most diverse categories. It is moreover a great collector classic car and in his garage lie the most varied models as an original Mini, some Alfa Romeo, for Ferrari 250 GT / E and Porsche 356 . But he also owns a Iso Grifo Competizione AC3 .

This car ran 12 hours of Sebring in 1965 , where it crashed. After the accident the car was modified and eventually was abandoned. Rupolo brought the car back to life with his original designer Giotto Bizzarrini , in a restoration that took no less than 15 years , partly due to the strange behavior of Mr. Bizzarrini who wanted some days not to proceed with the project.

On your hands well spent no less than the fourth unit built by Porsche in his history . The vehicle was abandoned in a garage in Vittorio Veneto, Italy and at that time was Porsche built the oldest was still alive. Financial problems forced him to sell Porsche # 004 to an anonymous buyer, ensuring it is also the owner Porsche # 003 . The number 1 and 2 units have been destroyed, so that collector owns the first two Porsche in history , that even stay alive.

But the best part of this story is that Luciano Rupolo , contrary to what happens with many classic car collectors still drive their cars as it should , which shows in the video that I attached below.