[Video] this is the way the World Rally Cars of 2017


The new generation of World Rally Cars is little more than a month of his debut at the Rally Monte carlo. While Hyundai, M-Sport, Citro├źn and Toyota racing the last few days of testing prior to validating their new vehicles, Volkswagen Motorsport are working on getting an agreement to put at stake his Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2017. The German brand, which has already finished the test programmed to your car, looking openly a private computer put in competition two units of its Volkswagen Polo R WRC. In short, five World Rally Cars are called to fight amongst themselves from the beginning of next season.

In Engine.is we have spoken of the new age that draws in the Championship World Rally, but it seems a good time to review the characteristics that define these five all-new World Rally Cars. Thanks to the guys of Red Bull, this review is more simple, since you have published a video in which they explain the keys of these cars that at certain points, reminiscent of the B Group of the decade of the 80. However, the new World Rally Cars are more powerful (385 HP approx.), more light-weight and have a body-wide, and full of aerodynamic devices.

In relation to the cars, outbound, the new World Rally Cars are 60 HP more powerful, about 25 pounds lighter and have a aerodynamics more effective. This is possible thanks to a bumper that presents , a splitter, a front more aggressive, some steps of wheel larger, and especially to the new measures of the diffuser -protruding 50 mm from body- and rear spoiler. In addition, the return of the hydraulic differential central and greater width enable the security measures of this new generation of World Rally Cars will also be higher.