Video: this is true passion for the Volkswagen Golf GTI (and the rest is nonsense)

40 years Ago was born the first Volkswagen Golf GTI, and with him an icon, the emblem that best reflects the spirit of a sport for all ages and to suit all pockets, and as he says one of the protagonists of this video, the sport of the working class, the Volkswagen Golf. It is logical that an anniversary like this is going to be held high for everything. And Volkswagen is already planning the celebrations, starting with the Wörthersee Treffen 2016, the event will be held next month of more – as every year for 35 – next to a lake in the south of Austria. And to two months of the Wörthersee, Volkswagen is already warming up the engine, starting with a video that shows us what is really the passion for the car, and the spirit of GTI.


, When talking about the Volkswagen Golf GTI it is normal that many think of young lads wanting to drive a car distinctive and fun. But the protagonists of this video, they demonstrate that the spirit of the GTI does not understand of ages, and that the concept of the Golf GTI is a phenomenon that is virtually timeless, that transcends generations. There is more to see these proud owners of several Golf GTI of different generations, who have been chosen by Volkswagen to attend the Wörthersee forming part of the procession which will be present there to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this compact sports car.

When it launched the first Volkswagen Golf GTI in 1976, Volkswagen aimed to produce 5,000 units. Since then, they have sold about two million units over the 7 generations of the Golf. This year, to celebrate the anniversary, Volkswagen will also launch the GTI more powerful and sporty to date, the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport with 265 horsepower, four-cylinder engine supercharged, and front-wheel drive (see price on the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport).

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