Video: This Lexus NX circulates with wheels ¡made of ice!

Lexus has gone a step further when we talk about driving on ice. Already or is that the road is icy and you have to take precautions, but that the own vehicle’s wheels are made entirely of frozen water , And in this video you can see that they are functional!

The japanese manufacturer has replaced the rubber tires and the metal of the wheels for four wheels of ice that are able to displace a Lexus NX for a road of London. To accentuate the prominence of the wheels winter -in the widest possible sense-the crossover premium received few lights additional LEDS that lit his extravagant footwear.

To perform this curious work of art Lexus told with Hamilton Ice Sculptors, a renowned specialist british in the creation of sculptures of frozen water. To work the whole car was for five days at 30 degrees below zero and a team of four sculptors had the arduous task of working for 36 hours to make each wheel.

Each of the wheels incorporates in its interior an element made of acrylic material that serves as a load to support the weight of the NX. Both the tires and as the tires of 17-inch originals were scanned by laser to get all of the details that had to be moved to their exact replicas made of ice. All a fusion of art and technology.