Video: this Porsche 924 GTP will be restored after 36 years of crossing the finish line in Le Mans

What better way to remember and celebrate the 40th anniversary of the transaxle of Porsche, which restore to the first of them all, the Porsche 924. And not only that. Porsche has been proposed to restore a very special drive, one of the Porsche 924 GTP that participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, 1980. A sport of racing was created on the Porsche 924 street, which has remained as he crossed the checkered flag in the position number 12, now 36 years old.

The section in charge of its restoration will be Porsche Cars Great Britain. And is that this sport of racing has a very interesting connection with the british. In that edition of Le Mans participated three units of the Porsche 924 GTP, a racing prototype of the new bill, by teams from Germany, the united States and Great Britain, and each one with its own flag.

After that race, this Porsche 924 GTP was saved as he had crossed the goal line. And so they kept watching unmoved the passage of time, except for some tests that did Porsche with him in 1982. Simply view this video to see the Porsche 924 GTP still retains scratches and damages several, silent witnesses of the requirement of an endurance race such as Le Mans.

That Porsche 924 GTP employed, as the sports of street, a configuration transaxle with engine four-cylinder in-line, liquid cooling, and 320 HP of power. In your body used plastic, fiber glass and glass sheets plexiglass. Thanks to this work of lightening was planted in about 930 kilograms, and was able to reach 290 km/h.

Source: Porsche
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