Video: Tom Kristensen clean the soot of 610 hp V10 in the new Audi R8 2015

The new Audi R8 is just around the corner. From 191 870 euros (see prices Audi R8 2015 ) you can get with this beast that is being presented this summer in Portugal, in the circuit of Portimao. Coinciding with this event Audi has seen fit to put at the controls of his new beast that Tom Kristensen . And this Dane, who they say is nine times champion of the 24 Hours of Le Mans – almost nothing – has done what he does best, step on the accelerator and clean carbon engine V10 that will reach 610 hp in its most powerful version.

Why Turbo Audi R8 would be a sin, but also genius?

At the moment, this second generation of the Audi R8 is available with only ten-cylinder engine . The big surprise could come with the confirmation of a new engine to access, will probably be turbo and could even employ less than eight cylinders.

In the video, promotional, of course, Tom Kristensen talks about the Audi R8 and some of its innovations . As a curiosity, and respect of the taking of this video, I was convinced that they would have shot in his presentation at Portimao these days. But it seems, and if I do not fault the views or memory, this video was shot in Portimao compound and the Guadix circuit, which already were rolling shots this winter (see video of the Audi R8 2015 in Guadix) and some interior shots filmed in Germany.

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Why Turbo Audi R8 would be a sin, but also genius?

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